Nadia. Do you read?

Ivan. Yes. Is that surprising?

Nadia. Perhaps

Ivan. And you write?

Nadia. How do you know?

Ivan. I read.

Dialog from Collapsible Model drama in one act by Georgeta Drogoiu. Playscripts Inc.

The purpose of this blog is not to discuss the play that presents a good analysis of a young woman finding her place in life in a difficult moment in a difficult place.

The reason I took this dialog out of context is to explain the point of this blog. We read during our lifetime a lot, and most is forgotten but sediment of concepts and ideas stay with us. That is the personal culture. Phase form this speech, a phrase from this book a memory of a person or situation. I like to write because I think that my ideas and feeling are not only my but most be shared. And I also believe that a writer should worry about to be honest and express himself and not write to please some potential reader.

Many times in life we hear a stranger say something, for a total unrelated reason, and that idea may be the answer to something that is in our mind for a long time. The writer always does benefit the reader. Always. If the reader agrees he/she feel good. If the reader disagree fell good because he/she reaffirm their position. If the reader laughs about what you write well he/she had a light moment. The writer must respect other opinions and of course be ready to a dialog.

So if you have something to say, said it and someone will benefit.