Vis-it  vb. to present itself or come over momentary. To go to see in order to comfort or help.  To pay a call as an act of friendship or courtesy. to stay temporarily as a guest. etc.  We got the idea a person that goes or call another for a number of reasons. Visiting for pleasure is not a big deal, but many times we should visit for justice. Justice in a broad term of been just and equitable with others persons as I spec for me. As I see it, visiting an unknown person alone in a hospital is an act of charity, but going to visit my aunt with a terminal ill, in a very deplorable condition is an act of justice.  It is not going to feel good is going because she needs me. And I am going to make her happy.

Perhaps because I am old and many of my friends are old too, I understand how lonely many seniors persons feel.  Some have nobody, others the relative don’t have time or wants to confront the sad reality, and of course they will dig in the memory for justifications. Other may put some money to care, or paid for some help, but the final act of visit is reserve for the funeral home  where they will be visiting with friends to remember the good old times.

A Reporter tell the facts, who, What ,when, where and why , a commentator looks for reasons, causes and consequences, the writer just express his/her feelings, emotions, perceptions,  and share with others that care to read. So since I realize this, and sometimes I miss people that I would like to visit me, instead of crying victim I am trying to contact others, and visiting others,and well,  I find company for me. And as religious person I just try to get my way to glory “VISITNG” the sick, the lonely the prisoner. I am blessed that my children and grandchildren ( included the spiritual adopted) take care of me and I am in good health and able to have autonomy.

Until next time. Just think if it is someone that is waiting for your visit?