The  classic movie “South Pacific” have  a song named Dreams. I hardly remember the movie, but I remember the part of the song that says “you must have a dream if you want a dream to come true ”

I am not referring to the thing that happens when we sleep and sometimes we remember in the morning. That is to complicate for me.

We all want to get something,  be somewhere, achieve a goal. The first think we have to do is answer some basic  questions .

1- is my dream possible? almost everything is possible.

2- Is it  probable? 1:million,1: 100K, 1:iK, 1:100, 1:10….

3 Are these probabilities real?  Things  and circumstances that I may control

When I answer that, I  have a dream, And here comes  the funny part,  how to make that Dream True. I have to convince myself that I really want to achieve this, and I make the commitment to work hard and intelligently from now until fruition.

I had learned that in all efforts we have to commit our talent, our time, and our treasure.

Talent: as a person I have mental capacity, memory, I can learn , etc. some persons have more some have less that the nature part of a person. But every person can and should develop so my responsibility is to work hard to be the best I can be.

Time: for me managing time is the most difficult, maybe because I dream my mind goes away, maybe I can or haven’t learn  to concentrate, o prioritize .

Treasure: the most important capital is work , if I work hard I make more I save I have capital.

So my experience is for a dream to come true, I have to walk the walk.