As a seventyish boy in the XXI century I am part of n exceptional generation, we are more active, more healthier, engage.

This morning at the Gym I look around and many of the people doing training were seventyish, in good shape, doing cardio in the treadmill of in the bicycle. And lifting free weights.  On the Sumba class more that half of the ladies were over seventy and dancing, merengue and raps. My wife is seventyish, my Cardiologist and my Dr.  I check my FB friends  many are of my age, alert, engage and posting very wise material. I am not an old man waiting to die. I am a seventyish looking for the best years to come. In my life time I witness the communist taking Europe, the revolution in Cuba and in many Latin American counties, The Vietnam war, the civil rights, the fall of the Berlin wall, the disappearing of the URSSR , the War in the Balkans, the  Dessert war, the returned of democracy in Latin America The Gulf War the Afghanistan War the Iraq War. The war and genocide in Africa, The famine , hurricanes , tsunamis, volcanos……  In my life time I went from the radio to cell phone, iPod laptop etc. In my life time from black and white pictures to all color in video and Blue ray.

We witness the war to tobacco that with education reduced the use of tobacco and cancer.The war on drugs with police,  the same number of people use drugs, but we have a large number of blacks and Latinos in prison. The police department have a bif budge on heavy weapons. And the prison system is unaffordable.

I have witness great advances in medicine in technology that few people can afford it. And most I had witness that all political tendencies from right to left talk about economy, production, but all of them forget that the advances are produced fist by  persons and should be for the benefit of the common good.

Am I going to get depress? or frustrated? or bitter? No. Just stick to the Serenity Prayer : God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change; the courage to change the one that I can ( there is a lot that I can do ) and the Wisdom to know the difference.

For the younger generations, in the twentyish and thirtyish they should be grateful to have on hand so much experience available to help them walk the walk.