Some times we keep silent, People  talk to me and I don’t answer, why? I asked myself and found many reasons, that I want to share. Because  been  silent, for me could be wise but for others they will perceive it totally different.

Sometimes I keep my mouth shut because of ignorance, they are talking about something I am totally  NPI  so the best is not say anything, people may interpret that as avoiding a discussion. Sometime it is better to look stupid than to say stupidities.

Other times what you feel  at that moment it is in the best interest of better relations, not to say anything. I try to keep a balance between sincerity and good manners,  I  belong to another generation that some words have change dramatically their meaning, so  I am  careful .

I never use the silence as a cruel form of contempt, a lot of people do. And instead of express discrepancies in the right moment simply ignore the others.

Silence’is that beautiful place where I set up a dialog of my human natures with my spiritual soul, where my both parts in silence listen to God. Is in this silence that mystery that we call the conscience project our live to be seen by God, in a way that nobody will be able to see or understand it. Is in this silence that we decide the course of our life.  and what are I doing with it.

And to finish I always try to listen in silence when someone needs to say something to someone who will understand with respect.