Is common to describe our preference for things with the word love, I love that car, I love chocolate ice cream etc. Them we meet someone that is a person that is nice, good looking, etc. we say I like him/her.
So these two verbs, “love” and “like ” have different meaning but we used them as if the were the same.
the same confusion is with “love” and “sex” having sex is called making love. If it is an expression of love between persons that love each other, has a meaning. Doing the sexual act as an instinctive act that produce pleasure in the moment, that is something completely different.
The majority of loving relationships, do not involve sex. The love relationship between parents and children, between sibling, extended families members and the love of friendship, are very strong, and don’t involve sexual relation. Marriage of many years stay together because they are friends and lovers.
this confusion of verbs, love, sex, like, pleasure, is creating a new kind of person, a person that is Unable to love, because cant give love without conditions, so is not a loving person, and is afraid to receive love so is not lovable person. To give love I have to look inside me the best I have and give it away without conditions, free, with no expectations. To be loved I have to be humble and accept, the good deeds of others their affection, their love.
Today I was showing a neighborhood to a young lady organizer, we visit several places , then she invite me to lunch in a local restaurant to see the people and culture first hand. When the tab came I try to pay and she said- I invite you just let be loved – Today I realize that is good to love everybody but also I must be humble a accept been loved.